I stumbled on a cool new exciting website that recreates the way modern brides can coordinate their bridesmaid dress selection & ordering experience.  WeddingtonWay removes the stress of BM dress coordination, selection, fitting, shopping and ordering. 

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: SHOP AND SAVE DRESSES TO FAVORITES – Brides can select different dress styles and add to their favorites cart.   Here’s an example of their favorites cart.

STEP 2: VIEW FAVORITES AND COMPARE SIDE-BY-SIDE  – Once the bride compiles the dresses they are interested in, they can view all dresses selected side by side and even delete as needed.

STEP 3: ADD BRIDESMAIDS TO YOUR BRIDAL PARTY  –  Right from the same website, the bride can send emails to bridesmaids inviting them to view the select dress their favorite dress.  Brides can also monitor which BM has ordered their dress and send emails, its like a message board – soo cooollllll!!

STEP 4: BRIDESMAIDS RANK SHARED FAVORITES – Bridesmaids can vote on their most favorites and track their own progress as well.   This is the coolest part of the process for me that Weddingtonway has made less stressful.  Once each BM votes, the brides receives an automatic email and can monitor who still needs to vote.  Here’s what the BM will see to vote for their favorite dress:

Dress fitting – While WeddingtonWay is an online store, they have arrangements with stores in most states, so that the bride can go into the stores in their states and try the selected dress.  Or you could just send WeddingtonWay your measurements and they can identify you size.

Now here’s the best part, WeddingtonWay not only coordinates all these tasks for you, but will also help you order your dresses from the selected dress designers at a discounted rate.  They also carry flower girls dresses and you can also order dresses for special events as well.

Please spread the word to all 2012 brides, not only does the bride and her BMs save time, the whole process is more coordinated and you also save money on WeddingtonWay.