A few days after saying “I do” (in most cases),  you get back home from your well deserved honeymoon and your gorgeous wedding dress is staring back at you.   This thought usually leads you to 1 of 2 options on the future of your wedding dress – Consignment or KeepSake. 

In our generation (25yrs – 40yrs old), many brides are practical, financial savy and want to recoup some of the money spent on their BIG day, while a handful of brides are sentimental and cherish the day they will see their daughter/future generation wear their wedding dress down the aisle some 20 – 30yrs later.  

I definitely fall into the first category as I’ve been thinking of the best way to sell my wedding dress a few days after my wedding.   It’s interesting though understandable that the best resale price most consignment stores will offer is a fraction (50%) of the actual cost of your wedding dress.    I’ve found a few consignment stores in Atlanta where I plan to take my wedding dress for consignment and I’ll share with you in future posts where I eventually sell my dress (when it’s sold).

I totally understand brides that augment or dye their wedding dresses for later use and would like some feedback from brides who decide to preserve their wedding dress for future generation.   I played with the idea of preserving my dress, but all I could think about was the conversation I had with my mum when I saw her wedding pictures.  She still thinks today that her dress was GORGEOUS, but I think otherwise and I’m happy she didn’t decide to keep her dress for me J

I plan on exploring everything wedding on my future blogposts.   Share your thoughts about the future of your wedding dress ~ Consignment or Keepsake???